American Mountain Ash

First cultivated in early 1800's, the American Mountain Ash is a small tree that is great for home landscapes and parks.

It is commonly found along the edges of moist areas in northern climates.

Other times it is unexpectedly found on dry highlands.

The ability to adapt to varying climates and its small size made it a popular city tree.

The American Mountain ash will bring you birds 

The red berries bring in all types of birds.

These berries will ferment in the fall after the first frosts and have been known to get the birds a bit tipsy .

Moose, squirrels, butterflies, and bees also depend on Mountain Ash for food.

It is easy to see lots of bird traffic as the tree keeps its berries in the winter.

Grows to usually 15 -20 ft  In favorable areas it can reach 30 ft.