Amur Flame Maple 

Amur Maple is a very useful small tree. It will fit in most back yards.

It grows so dense that it is an excellent screen, and it will fit under power lines. 

It’s native range is the Amur Valley region of NE China. Developing in this area of difficult winters and dry summers, this tree is both hardy and drought tolerant.

Once established it should need little additional watering. It is tolerant of a variety of soils, including alkaline.

It will grow in shade and tolerates salt.

Acer ginnala is pest free but is susceptible to Verticillium Wilt, as are most Maples.

Acer ginnala is a vigorous grower when young, but slows down as it approaches it’s mature size.

Some initial pruning may be necessary to establish a good canopy.

“Flame’ was chosen for it’s outstanding brilliant fall color and pleasant upright rounded form. 

Height 20'-30'    Width 20'-25'

Crown: Round Spreading Fall Color: Fiery Red

Roots: Surface roots not a problem Fruit: Samaras with pink wings

Pests: Usually pest free