Bloodgood Japanese Maple

The ‘Bloodgood’ is one of the most popular upright Japanese Maples.

It’s dark purple foliage and it’s lacy texture are visually pleasant.

It’s fairly small size makes it usable in a great many landscape situation.

In late summer, bright red samaras contrast with the dark purple leaves for a interesting show.

Fall color is not spectacular but the branching structure offers interest in winter. 

All Japanese Maples have very thin bark, and are susceptible to sun scald.

Drought can also cause bark failure.

It is best to plant these trees where they will be protected from the sun, especially in winter.

Also keep the tree watered during the growing season. 

We suggest wrapping the trunk with Craft Paper during transplant and leaving it on until the tree is re-established. 

Grows to 15 - 18 ft high and 15 - 25 wide

Growth rate: Slow to moderate