Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca 'Conica') is a small, slow-growing conifer that is perfect for small gardens and containers.

It is a dwarf variety of the Alberta spruce, with small, dense and compact growth that makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

With a height that typically ranges up to 13 feet, Dwarf Alberta Spruce is perfect for small spaces. 

Tolerant of shade and fertile well-drained soil, this evergreen tree is a perfect addition to any garden.

It has narrow, irregularly-shaped needles that are light blue-green with a white band on the lower surface.

The needles are sharp and durable, and it is tolerant of both heavy clay and drought

With needles and cones that stay on the tree for years and winter coloration, this is an excellent year-round choice for your landscaping.