Japanese Maple Tamukeyama

The Japanese Maple Tamukeyama is a popular ornamental tree with its attractive shape, size and growing conditions.

The tree can grow up to 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide, making it a great choice for those who want a large tree in their backyard.

It is important to note that the Japanese maple Tamukeyama prefers moist soil that drains well.

It also prefers full sun exposure and should be planted in an area where it will not have any competition for light. 

The Japanese Maple Tamukeyama  has an attractive, dark bark that makes it stand out in the garden.

It also has small leaves that are deep green with an orange or red color in the autumn.

This maple is a beautiful and popular tree that is easy to grow.

It is a slow-growing, compact and dense tree with a pyramidal shape.