Korean Stewartia

This is one of those trees everyone loves. Green glossy leave with reddish stems and petioles, fuzzy green flower buds, and then the 3” white flowers for weeks and weeks during the summer. 

Fall color is red, yellow, or- ange and purple. Trunks flake in irregular patterns of gray, brown, tan and orange, similar to Lagerstroemia.

This tree is particular about it’s soil. It wants a acid, loose, highly organic, moist soils which are well drained.

Just plopping it out in a clay loam will not work but it does very well in containers.

Also a little afternoon shade would not hurt. 

We have seen this one sun scald, so wrapping the trunk would be helpful.

It is carefree once established.

Since the bark is so attractive, multi-trunks are an


Grows to 20 - 30 ft high and 10 - 15 ft wide

Growth rate: Slow