Kwanzan Ornamental Cherry

Prunus ‘Kwanzan’ is probably the most used cherry on the market with good reason. 

Nothing gives a more stunning foliar display.

The tree is covered each spring with bold clusters of double bright pink flowers.

They last for two weeks, then fall from the tree, imitating pink snow.

They may cover the walkways under the tree for a day, still pink.

There is seldom fruit on this tree.

All cherries should be planted in full sun and loamy or sandy soil which is well drained. 

Too much clay or water, or too much drought will doom the tree.

Once stressed it is susceptible to attack from pests and disease, of which there are many.

Cherries are susceptible to sun-scald.

It may be advisable to wrap the trunk, or plant shrubbery on the south and south west side of the tree.

 Adequate water during the growing season is key.

Grows to 30 ft high and 20 ft wide

Growth rate: Moderate