Miss Kim Manchurian Lilac

Here is a nice little lilac with lavender/white to violet/ purple flowers in late May to early June. 

The plants bloom profusely at a young age and the blooms are fragrant.

Best flowering is in full sun.

This plant is very urban tough, tolerant of drought, pollution and compacted soils.

In the worst conditions the foliage holds it dark green shiny condition. 

There are also no pests or disease, not even Powdery Mildew.

‘Miss Kim’ has larger flowers than ’Palibin’ and a much more upright habit.

Leaves are also larger.

It also responds well to shearing.

Flower buds are found throughout the bush, so even when sheared there will still be bloom.

Grows to 4 - 6 ft  and 5 ft wide

Growth rate: Slow