Quaking Aspen

Quaking Aspen is native to many mountain regions of the northern hemisphere.

It is a much admired tree because in the fall, full mountainsides turn bright yellow- gold to yellow-orange.

Another ornamental aspect of this tree is its flattened petioles,  causing the leaves to flutter in the wind. Thus the name.

Also the bark is a very nice light gray. Quaking Aspen is a valuable landscape tree, but west of the Cascades Mountains it is susceptible to a leaf spot which can almost defoliate the tree by mid-summer. 

You need not worry in areas with dry springs. In the wild Quaking Aspen spread by suckers, and some individual plants can cover many acres.

In the wild it naturally becomes a grove. Suckering is usually not a problem in the landscape. 

Grows to 40-50 ft high and 20- 25 ft wide

Growth rate: Vigorous