River Birch Maple

Native to the East Coast and the Mississippi River Valley, this tree has one heck of a bark feature. 

It is peels year round in the extreme in colors of pink, orange, brown and white.

The tree itself is well behaved, either multi or single stem, and tends toward an upright central leader.

Lower branches tend to droop, so they should be removed as they become a problem.

This exposes the trunk more, so it’s a good thing.

The biggest boon of Betula nigra and its cultivars is that they are one of the few birches not susceptible to Bronze Birch Borer. 

All over the country Birches are dying limb by limb.

This is the one to replant.

Leaves are small and easy to rake up.

The fall color is a clear yellow and quite attractive.

The tree is upright oval but spreads with age. 

Grows to 45 ft high and 30 ft wide

Growth rate: Fast