Western Hemlock

Western Hemlock is a type of tree known for its tall height and silvery-green leaves. 

Additionally, Western Hemlocks are typically found in wet, shady areas such as forests and mountain slopes.

Western Hemlock is a large, graceful evergreen tree that is most desirable for its dark green needles, with a long, drooping top.

Its size can reach up to 200 feet tall and 100 feet wide with a lifespan of 350 years!

Western Hemlocks thrive in all types of soil but do not grow well in very moist soil or where the soil is too sandy.

Western Hemlock is well-adapted to acidic soils and can be found in many different regions throughout North America.

Western Hemlock do not produce cones, but rather catkins on female trees. 

The Western Hemlock is a fast-growing, shade tolerant conifer.

This evergreen has a straight trunk, with a reddish-brown bark and flat, linear leaves.

It is ideal for urban situations, because it can grow in areas with poor soil and low light levels.